Sometime’s life feels like it continuously passes us by, how can we grasp the luxury of time?

Time is a luxury that most of us chase our entire lives.

Hi, I’m Angelina. I’m a nineteen-year-old living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Being someone with a terminal illness the biggest factor I fight against every day is time.I fight against a clock, going to extremes to make every second a count. I’m still learning how to create the perfect lifestyle, I gave up living in a bubble. I struggle to keep up on my medication and treatments, I’m trying to learn the perfect combination of living for my treatment versus doing my treatments to live.

That being said, This blog is going to be a place I can escape to write about my life, as well as share helpful tips and tricks I’m using to try and live a satisfying lifestyle. These tips and tricks may involve easy recipes I enjoy, meal prepping, organization, cleaning, etc. As well as just sharing about my life, this blog will be as upbeat and scattered as I am.

To whom it may concern, I present “Confessions of a sick girl.”

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